Perceptual Computing and Gesture Control: The End of Lost Remotes?

What is the question for the ages? It’s not, “What is the meaning of life?” We all know the question for our time is, “Where’s the remote?” And that’s followed closely by, “Where are my keys?”


People from all over the world gathered at the Touch Gesture Motion Conference in Austin, Texas, this December to settle the age-old question of the lost remote.  Well, not directly of course, but in a roundabout way thanks to perceptual computing.


Perceptual computing allows users to interact with devices in new ways, including gesture and touch control, speech recognition, facial recognition, and object tracking. To support the continued innovation with perceptual computing, Intel released the Intel® Perceptual Computing SDK 2013 Beta. This allows developers to use perceptual computing to create immersive applications that incorporate close-range hand and finger tracking, speech recognition, facial analysis, and 2D/3D object tracking on 2nd and 3rd generation Intel® Core™ processor-powered Ultrabook™ devices and PCs.


For the past year, PointGrab has been working with Intel to optimize its perceptual computing software to take advantage of the touch and gesture controls of the Ultrabook. “We’re not here to change the way people interact with a mouse or keyboard. We want to change the way people interact directly with a device,” said Assaf Gad, vice president of marketing and product at PointGrab. The company’s focus is on advanced hand gesture recognition software using a standard 2D camera. Gad and team aim to build user-friendly solutions for hand gesture recognition and to enable TVs, PCs, smartphones, tablets, all-in-one devices to be operated by a Natural User Interface (NUI) using hand gestures only.


“We want to make smarter computers that will understand the common gestures we use with other people,” said Gad. When implemented on the Ultrabook, the software allows hand signals to control various aspects of the device.


“In the future we see our solution embedded on every device that can be controlled from a distance, not just for TV and PC but also for other controls at home like light and air-conditioning,” said Gad.


Thanks to innovations in perceptual computing we might never lose the remote for any device again. In fact, we might never even own a remote at all.

Now, who’s working on the lost keys question?

Click here to learn more about PointGrab. Click here to watch a video of PointGrab’s technology.