Our unique software solutions based on shape and motion recognition includes Gesture Recognition, Face Recognition and User Behavior Analytics, utilizing any camera input – ranging from standard sensors to depth sensors.


PointGrab’s proprietary Hybrid Action Recognition Technology enables a device to better anticipate, understand and analyze a user’s body language. Based on the advanced machine-learning algorithm, the system can detect and analyze complex situations of shapes and motion as well as differentiate gestures from ‘look-alike’ gestures to make the whole experience more reliable, accurate and effective.


PointGrab’s flexible technology is designed for rapid integration into new and existing products as a software-only solution that can be integrated on any consumer electronic devices including, Smartphones, Tablets, TV, STB, PC as well as any home appliances.


Accurately and reliably tracks finger, one hand, and two hands from 3 inches up to 17 feet and works in a wide range of challenging lighting and background conditions.


Leveraging shape and motion detection capabilities to enable a personalized experience including face recognition and user behavior recognition.


Available on Android, iOS, Linux, OS X and Windows as an end-to-end solution and SDK gesture engine for developers.



PointTouch for Consumer Electronic devices uses depth information to essentially create a “virtual touch space” right in front of users, so they can point directly at anything on the screen to access it. PointTouch calculates the line of sight based on a highly-accurate 3D finger and face positions and offers a direct and immediate User Experience highlighting selected object on-screen without indirect cursor feedback. Based on a Stereoscopic camera module or a depth sensor.

PointTouch enables a touch-like experience from a distance.