Easy to integrate and fully scalable, the PointGrab software brings next generation hand gestures to control a diverse range of business and leisure applications on the PC, such as:


  • Media Applications: Controls videos, music, photo slideshows, Internet browsing and a wide variety of media applications remotely. Simple single hand gestures or 2-hands gestures allow swiping between slides/photos, playing a song/video/slideshow, changing volume, zooming-in/out, rotating, and more. Additionally, by connecting a laptop to the television, users can also enjoy hand gesture control of applications via their television screen.

  • Mouse and Keyboard Functionality:  Enables full cursor control and virtual on-screen keyboard functionality from a distance, without the need for additional hardware. Users can enter text and browse the web, simply by moving their hands.

  • Gaming: Provides an innovative and entertaining way for playing casual games without using the traditional remote or the console’s specific remote control (or any other hardware). Using hand gestures to play games brings a new level of experience to the casual gamers.

  • Presentations: Provides a more effective, convenient way to deliver business presentations from a distance, without proximity to a keyboard, using a remote control or asking a colleague’s assistance. Presentations can be completely presented using hand gesture only.

  • Video Conferences: Provides full remote-less control of video conference calls without any additional hardware or proximity to a keyboard/mouse.

  • Additional applications can be added upon request.

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