Easy to integrate and fully scalable, the PointGrab solution provides next generation hand gestures in order to control a diverse range of applications, such as:


  • TV Programming: Provides an effective, convenient, and cool way to manage TV programming such as an Electronic Program Guide (EPG).

  • Complete TV Control: Allows control over the interactive digital TV using simple hand gestures to change the volume, swipe between the channels, display information on the currently viewed channel and more.

  • Media Applications: Controls videos, music, photo slideshows, Internet browsing and a wide variety of media applications remotely. Simple single hand and 2-hands gestures allow swiping between slides/photos, playing a song/video/slideshow, changing volume, zooming-in/out, rotating, and more…

  • Gaming: Provides an innovative and entertaining way for playing casual games without using the console’s specific remote control (or any other hardware). Using hand gestures to play games brings a new level of experience to the casual gamers on your smart interaction tv.

  • Internet Browsing: PointGrab’s smart tv control provides an easy and intuitive way for browsing the Internet from a distance, using a highly accurate and responsive cursor.