PointGrab’s solution is ideal for use with tablets and smartphones in two primary scenarios: when operating the device closely without the possibility of physically touching the screen (i.e. hands are not clean), or when the user wishes to watch the device content on a large screen that is connected to the device. In both cases, PointGrab’s solution brings next generation hand gesture technology with gestural interfaces to a diverse range of applications, such as:

  • Media Applications: Control videos, music and photos from various distances. Simple single hand and 2-hand gestures allow the user to sort through photos, play a song or a video, control the device’s volume, zoom-in/out, rotate and more.

  • Gaming: The solution introduces an original approach to the gaming world, using intuitive hand gestures through gestural interfaces. When the tablet or mobile is docked and connected to a large screen, the gamer will have a new and attractive gaming experience using hand gestures, with no external hardware required.

  • Multi-Tasking: Supports a multi-tasking user. If hands are not clean and available for using the mobile device, then simple and intuitive hand gestures can be used from a distance to control the device.

  • Internet Browsing: Provides an easy and intuitive way for browsing the Internet without touching the screen, using a highly accurate and responsive cursor.