Pointgrab’s Hand Gesture Recognition Software Now Commercially Available on Intel-Inspired Ultrabook™ Devices


May 2012 – PointGrab Ltd. today revealed their “Gesture Control” capabilities are now available in both the new line of Intel-inspired Ultrabook™ devices, as well as Haier’s All-in-One (AIO) Q8 PCs. In addition, PointGrab’s software is now commercially available to Ultrabook™ device customers through three different PC manufacturers.


PointGrab’s patented hand gesture recognition software enables any device with a 2-D camera to recognize and track a user’s hand movements, and interpret the gestures as input commands for various applications.  From TVs to All-in-One PCs, PointGrab’s hand gesture recognition software allows consumers to completely immerse themselves and experience true Natural User Interface (NUI) capabilities on different devices, diverse operating systems (Windows, Linux and Android) and multiple platforms.


“We now can confidently say PointGrab is one of the leading hand gesture recognition technology providers in the PC market,” said Haim Perski, CEO of PointGrab.  “A key reason we secured this leadership status is because we created a software-based solution that has diverse functionality, high accuracy, and is very reliable under various environmental conditions. Also, the company excelled in working closely with these different OEMs to address their unique requests.”


“The Ultrabook provides new user experiences with sleek and light, responsive and easy-to-use devices powered by Intel® Core™ processors.  We are thrilled with consumers’ appreciation of our new Ultrabook category and the ecosystem’s work to advance its user experience,” said Sinai Bareket, managing director, Sales and Marketing, Intel Israel, Greece and Cyprus. “PointGrab’s hand gesture recognition software helps enhance the Ultrabook user experience with an innovative, intuitive interface.”