The CogniPoint™ solution is genuinely disruptive to the building automation market in that it easily and affordably provides unprecedented levels of actionable information about occupants, dramatically reducing building operational expenses and significantly enhancing workplace intelligence by hvac sensors. The valuable information it provides for smart buildings is applicable to numerous use cases, such as:


    Office Space Management

    CogniPoint™ detects desks, meeting rooms and occupancy in real time and provides precise space utilization data for hot desking and meeting rooms booking systems


    Energy Saving

    CogniPoint™ provides reliable data about occupants’ presence, count, positioning, and light distribution sensing, to enable significant energy savings in lighting and HVAC systems


    Staff Planning

    Cleaning and maintenance optimizations


    Retail Analytics

    CogniPoint™ provides a precise understanding of shoppers’ activity including traffic, paths, display attention and dwell time to improve retail optimization


    Workspace Management

    CogniPoint™ enables flexible workplace and facility management allowing customers to optimize space allocation based on space utilization analysis


    Occupant Safety

    CogniPoint™ aids in the detection of a person who has fallen down, stopped moving for a long period of time or is moving erratically, and can signal an alert