Mr. Saar Wilf, Co-Founder & Chairman

A serial entrepreneur, Mr. Wilf founded several technology ventures, his first back in 1997. Most notably, Mr. Wilf founded Fraud Sciences (acquired by PayPal/eBay for USD 169 million), where he served as CEO and Chief Scientist. Prior to Fraud Sciences, Mr. Wilf was CTO and Co-Founder of Trivnet (acquired by Gemalto for USD 35 million). Prior to that, Mr. Wilf was a software engineer at Scidel Ltd., where he developed real-time computer vision systems. He is currently co-founder and chairman of five technology startups.


Dr. Kurt Kaltenegger

Kurt is CTO of ABB Technology Ventures (ATV), Group Vice President and member of the ABB Technology Core Team. ATV is the corporate venture capital arm of the ABB Group, focused on investments into smart power technologies and industrial automation, with a specific focus on IoT, Robotics and Service Technologies.

Kurt received his PhD in Physics from Montanistic University Leoben Austria and was 5 years assistant professor at the University. Kurt joined ABB in 1991 and held various Management positions in R&D and Technology Management.

Kurt holds more than 30 patents, founded a number of R&D departments worldwide and was in leadership of Technology strategy and R&D in the BU global energy distribution products. Before Kurt joined ATV in 2010 as founding member, he spent 3 years in China, Beijing as Head of ABB Research and CTO ABB China. Since 2010 Kurt was involved in 18 equity investments, and is board member and technical adviser in portfolio companies.


Dr. Ilian Iliev

Dr. Ilian Iliev is CEO of EcoMachines Ventures, a London-based pan-European VC fund focused on innovative hardware companies in the energy, resource efficiency and industrial high-tech sectors. He is a Board member of other companies in the robotics and resource efficiency space.  Prior to setting up EcoMachines Ventures, he advised major global corporations and investment funds in the energy, water technology, industrial high-tech and transportation on IP strategy, technology licensing and growth strategy issues.

Ilian holds a PhD from Cambridge University’s Judge Business School, focused on Venture Capital business models in emerging economies. He has published widely on issues in the energy and cleantech space, innovation finance and innovation policy.


Dr. Meir Morag

Founder and former CEO of N-trig, Ltd., a leading provider of digitizers and touch screens to major laptop manufacturers. Dr. Morag previously co-founded Emultek Ltd. (later on E-SIM), where he served as VP Business Development. Prior to that, Dr. Morag served as a special consultant to the Israel Aircraft Industry and an airline captain with Arkia Airlines.

Dr. Morag holds a Ph.D. in experimental psychology from Tel Aviv University, where he specialized in brain research.


Mr. Leon Waisbein

Mr. Waisbein is an expert in business-to-consumer strategies and has a proven record in building international direct sales networks.
Mr. Waisbein is associated with Herbalife Ltd. which is a world-leading distributor of weight loss and personal care products with annual retail sales of over $4.3 bln in 77 countries.
Prior to joining the PointGrab Board, Mr. Waisbein served on the Board of Directors at Herbalife Ltd (HLF at NYCE).
Mr. Waisbein is also Chairman of a charity foundation aimed at helping disabled children.


Mr. Eyal Khayat

Mr. Eyal Khayat is the managing partner of Yingke Israel – the Israeli branch of Beijing Yingke Law Firm, which is the largest law firm in Asia Pacific. Throughout the last 20 years Mr. Khayat has been involved in Israeli high-tech and venture capital transactions.


Mr. Haim Perski, Co-Founder & CEO

Mr. Perski brings with him extensive experience in working with PC manufacturers (OEMs) and in developing, delivering and integrating input devices within mobile PCs.

Prior to founding PointGrab, Mr. Perski was VP R&D and CTO of N-trig Ltd., a leading provider of digitizers and touch screens to major laptop manufacturers. Having joined N-trig at an early stage, Mr. Perski took the company’s products through the entire development cycle, from conception to production. He then went on to manage approximately 45 employees and successfully integrated N-trig’s device into a Tier 1 laptop manufacturer.

Before N-trig, Mr. Perski led a development team of 30 engineers at BVR LTD (NASDAQ BVRS), providers of real-time simulation and monitoring systems. Prior to that time, he led a software team at Scidel Ltd., where he was responsible for Computer Vision algorithms for real-time environments.

Mr. Perski holds a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from Tel Aviv University (cum laude).