PointGrab targets to produce the first computer-vision sensor for the iOT world. Our sensor will be integrated to LED fixtures in new buildings around the world and to home-automation systems.

Our sensor will be the cheapest and lowest-power-consuming computer-vision sensor out there to be able to fit into A-star energy electronics in mass-scales, and will deal with real-world challenges to provide reliable and real-time human detection and tracking.


PointGrab is the world leader in human-gestures recognition and control for interfacing with machines for many years, and as such houses a large and brilliant computer-vision and machine-learning team and has a lot of experience delivering real-world computer vision products (>25M installments). We now aim to bring our expertise to new fields of growth and emphasize on the ascending building-automation market.


Open Positions:

Algorithm Engineering Group Leader

This role is in charge of leading a group of great computer-vision and machine-learning engineers making the core IP of the company, and design and deliver the algorithms modules of our system.



  • Building the algo solutions system-architecture
  • Researching for the best signal-processing tools to use for our real-world challenges
  • Delivering and syncing the tasks between the different team-members
  • Recruiting additional algo engineers to create an accomplished set of engineers with varied and balanced skill-sets and personal strengths
  • Being a lead developer and help the software team with the low-level optimizations and integration of new tools/SDKs
  • Guidance our Video &Database collection team regarding the benchmarks and ground-truth markings
  • Set the requirements for the C# software guy who is in charge of creating and maintaining the debug tools used by the algo team
  • Inventing and helping edit patents together with our in-house patent attorney


  • MSc in Signal Processing / vast knowledge in signal processing domains
  • Knowledge of C/C++ and system-level engineering
  • Experience in real-time/embedded systems or performance optimization
  • Excellent manager, and excellent people skills. Someone people will like working with
  • 10+ years experience in computer-vision and machine-learning. 5+ years experience as manager is these domains
  • Great Achiever with obsessive drive to complete its missions excellently
  • Creative and hungry for new knowledge and computer vision techniques
  • Multi-threading / multi-coring / SIMD optimizations / DSP experience – advantage


For technological leaders with passion for computer-vision solutions there is little chances like this to lead such a group to such a real-world challenges and real-time mass-market system.
If it sounds interesting to you please reach out at : pointgrab.75.00E@applynow.io