PointGrab’s advanced Hand Gesture Recognition software is based on unique, sophisticated hand shape and motion detection algorithms working together with a standard 2D camera. PointGrab’s innovative and patented technology provides diverse hand gesture solutions for a variety of platforms and applications.


PointGrab’s solutions accurately and reliably track hand movements up to 5 meters, working efficiently in different background and lighting environments, supporting all skin colors and consuming only marginal CPU power. The software provides high performance even with an inexpensive black and white VGA camera.


The sophisticated algorithms identify the positioning of X, Y coordinates of the hand in order to support accurate cursor control. They also allow for detecting natural and intuitive hand gestures such as GRAB (closing of the hand) which supports all mouse functionalities including mouse left-click, double click, right-click and drag & drop. Also, the unique algorithms can simultaneously detect and track two hands, allowing for natural gestures such as zoom and rotate. The core technology underlying PointGrab’s hand gesture recognition software, allows adding and modifying gestures quickly and easily.


PointGrab’s solutions are targeted primarily at PCs, TVs, and Mobiles (Smartphones, Tablets), with the following operating systems: Windows 7, Windows 8, Linux, and Android. The solutions support a variety of applications optimized for each of the target platforms. In order to assist applications developers, PointGrab provides various Software Development Kits (SDK) that enable integration of hand gestures with applications such as games, customized User Interfaces, and more.


In addition to the above-mentioned personal computerized systems, the efficiency and compactness of PointGrab’s algorithms allows its technology to be effectively used in a wide range of embedded systems such as accessories (e.g. stand-alone cameras), white goods (e.g. home appliances), smart homes (e.g. air-condition control) automotive systems, and more.