PointGrab develops machine learning technology installed in optical IoT devices for home and building automation systems.


Driven by the pressure to save energy, reduce operational costs, enhance business performance and improve tenants comfort, home and building automation have become one of the most demanding areas for innovative solutions. To address these needs, detailed information of anything that is happening inside the building is required. Optical devices and sensors proved to be the most powerful tools in providing such real-life analytics.


PointGrab is developing sophisticated optical sensors that are integrated with connected lighting fixtures, thereby covering practically every square inch of the building. Leveraging on its unique implementation and deep learning technology, detailed information of occupants’ presence, location, counting and tracking is processed securely at the sensor level. The sensor output the processed analytics, which serve various building automation systems such as lighting, HVAC, safety, security, access control and facility management to save on costs and improve performance.


Strongly rooted in the computer vision world, Pointgrab, the company that pioneered gesture controls for consumer devices, is making another leap frog by further developing and incorporating its advanced technology into IoT devices. PoingintGrab solutions are being developed in collaboration with world leading providers in lighting and building control systems.