PointGrab develops an innovative computer vision technology that provides an intuitive and intelligent control around the house.


Our unique solutions based on shape and motion recognition includes Gesture Recognition, Fine Occupancy Sensing, Users Behavior Analytics, Face Recognition and Ambient Light Sensing for home automation providing innovative energy saving solutions.


PointGrab is an established leader in advanced hand gesture recognition solutions for consumer devices. PointGrab’s software solution enables home appliances, TVs, PCs, tablets and smartphones to be operated by a natural user interface using hand shapes and movements. Frost & Sullivan recognized PointGrab’s innovative technology with the 2013 European Technology Innovation Award for its achievements in gesture recognition for consumer electronics.


PointGrab‘s market-leading solutions have been commercially available since 2010 and are currently integrated into over 25 million consumer devices through many of the world’s top OEMs, brands such as Samsung, TCL, Lenovo, Acer, Asus, Fujitsu, Skyworth and others.


Founded in 2008, PointGrab is headquartered in Tel Aviv, with representatives across the globe.