Do you have an API for third-party integration?

API package is available including a sample code and documentation

How is the device powered?

There are 2 power options:

PoE – RJ45 CAT 5e or CAT6
DC – 2xTerminal Connector, 12-22AWG (wire gauge 1.5mm2/15AWG)

How simple the physical installation is?

Very simple, a sensor bracket is installed at the ceiling and the sensor is clipped to the adapter.

How does the sensor get FW/SW updates?

Sensor FW upgrade is done over the air (OTA) when a new FW package is released

What are the network requirements?

In case of a firewall, two outbound ports should be enabled:

MQTT TLS Port 8883 – used for Configuration, Control and Telemetry
HTTPS Port 443 – used for OTA Updates/Debug info

Does your company ISO certified?

PointGrab company is ISO 27001 certified.

Does all data in transit encrypted?

Data is fully encrypted both on transit and in Rest (API integration)

What data is transmitted to the cloud?

Data sent to the cloud is the number of occupants per area

How do you connect to the cloud?

User Interface - CPMS web application (CogniPoint management system) using chrome browser

API – Rest API for third party integration

What is the sensor coverage?

As the CogniPoint sensors is a ceiling mounted device, the coverage is differs based on the ceiling height. At the maximum the coverage is 8 by 6 meters.

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