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  • Retrofit Magazine
    Retrofit Magazine, 08.05.2017

    Software Solution Helps Better Utilize Office Space

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  • Construction Executive
    Construction Executive, 24.04.2017

    Technology and Software Rundown

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  • IoT Agenda
    IoT Agenda, 14.04.2017

    Collaboration in the IoT era: Practical guidelines for a collaborative IoT

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  • Yahoo Finance
    Yahoo Finance, 30.03.2017

    PointGrab Partners with Serraview, Taking Aim at $43b Smart Office Market

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  • IoT Evolution World
    IoT Evolution World, 16.03.2017

    IoT Time Preview: Smart Buildings Chapter

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  • Geektime
    Geektime, 07.03.2017

    Introducing the Technologies of our Future Cities

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  • memoori
    memoori, 14.02.2017

    15 StartUp Companies to Watch in 2017

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  • Globes
    Globes, 05.02.2017

    הצצה לטכנולוגיות פורצות דרך שמפותחות עכשיו בישראל

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  • IoT Evolution World
    IoT Evolution World, 15.01.2017

    IoT Evolution Names Connected Home & Building, Connect Transport Award Winners

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  • Facility Executive
    Facility Executive, 11.01.2017

    Facility Management Is Facilitated By Smart Sensors

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  • Sensors Magazine
    Sensors Magazine, 16.12.2016

    Smart Sensors Are Driving Smart Buildings

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  • WORKTECH Academy
    WORKTECH Academy, 12.12.2016

    Neural networks: the next big thing

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  • Silicon Republic
    Silicon Republic, 06.12.2016

    25 incredible internet of things start-ups to watch in 2017

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  • IOT Agenda
    IOT Agenda, 06.12.2016

    Smart sensors: The complete version

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