The technology that powers the Intelligent Workspace.

Our CogniPoint Sensor paired with the PointGrab Cloud Management System is your entry into an AIoT workspace.

95%+ Accuracy
10s Granularity
<1s Latency

Multiple Sensor Technologies. Only One Sensor.

Occupancy Count

Standing or seated, accurately assess occupancy levels.

People in Motion

Define the detection area and monitor movements precisely.

Object Detection

Desk? Chair? Plant? See for sure if the build matches the plan.

Virtual Traffic Line

See the ins and outs for total people count in large spaces.

CogniPoint Sensor at the heart of it all


Combining PIR and optical sensor capabilities, the CogniPoint sensor gives you maximum visibility into not just people counts, but movement patterns, usage ratios, and object detection all in one.

Occupancy data of all types, for applications of all kinds. All in one sensor.