AI on the Edge

Designed with proprietary deep learning and object-tracking algorithms that run on the device itself, our AI-packed workplace sensors provide real-time data and visibility into occupancy levels, building and space usage, environmental statuses, and more.

Analytics Platform

The PointGrab analytics platform allows building owners and operators to monitor and optimize their office spaces through visual graphics and live data updates.It offers real-time and historical insights on occupant behavior and space utilization through heatmaps, distribution reports, and hourly-based statuses for specific areas, including meeting rooms, reception, the cafeteria, and more.

Encrypted Transmission

Optimized with low-power processors, our network-connected sensors securely transmit non-traceable metadata and analytics to our cloud-based management and analytics platform.

Non-intrusive & Anonymous

Every sensor is completely non-intrusive and does not collect or store any personally identifiable information or output images. It also works completely anonymously simply by sensing individual movement as opposed to tracking personal devices, such as mobile phones.

Multiple Detection Areas per Sensor

PointGrab's cutting-edge sensors are able to oversee large areas that can be split into unique detection regions. This type of granular observability is perfect for hot desking, attendance, and space utilization management because the single sensor is able to characterize specific areas in the larger room as a standalone and unique location.   

Discover Uses Cases

Office Space Utilization

Using PointGrab, get an idea what areas of your offices are used and easily allocate your office space dynamically to maximize efficiency. This allows you to manage more people with ease and have less office space for more people. PointGrab customers were able to increase office occupancy by up to 30% using smart office space utilization.

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