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“PointGrab’s hardware is accurate, flexible, and simple to both deploy and redeploy, making them a go-to provider for our customers. The team is knowledgeable and always happy to help, so they are a great partner to work with.”

Michael Grant, Co-Founder and COO


“We’ve been working with PointGrab for many years and across multiple successful deployment. We’ve always found their sensors easy to install and providing fast time to value with workspace usage data through our GemEx engine and user interface“

Paul Johns, Managing Director


"With more than six years of collaboration and thousands of PointGrab sensors installed at our customers, I can from experience say that we have found a trustworthy sensor partner in PointGrab."

Jasper Schuurmans, CTO


"PointGrab offers incredibly rich data with numerous data points, transforming our understanding of workspace utilization. The detailed insights we gain allow us to make informed decisions and optimize our operations."

Zoltán Komoróczi, Head of Technology and Data


"The ease of deployment and the wide range of applications PointGrab sensors offer have been instrumental in the success of our past projects. We're confident that with Anders+Kern's distribution network, even more businesses can now experience the benefits of seamless deployment and the proven results of their great technology."

Barrie Meehan, Managing Director


"As a trusted partner, PointGrab delivers technology that ensures seamless deployment and multiple occupancy use cases. The data gathered helps in building insights to help clients with informed hybrid work strategies and adding value to their overall real estate portfolio."

Somesh Kohli, Chief Business Officer

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