A truly intelligent workspace needs a truly intelligent data system.

Whether you’re focused on operational efficiency, employee experience, or sustainability compliance, your workspace behavior data is the key to confident decision-making.


What you do with that data? That’s up to you.

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One data collection system.
Infinite applications.

Optimal Utilization

Design effective spaces
Maximize buildings portfolio


Green Operations

Reduce operating costs
Meet ESG Targets


Enhanced Experience

Enhance employee experience
Build sustainable infrastructure

Discover The Keystone of the
Intelligent Workspace.


Building or retrofitting an office space is a big investment, and costly to maintain.
Add hybrid work and AI’s impacts to the equation, and things get even more uncertain.

PIR sensor? Optical sensor? Don’t choose, get both.

With multiple sensor technologies embedded in one unit, you’ll get all the data you need. Object detection, motion detection and people counting integrated so there’s no compromise.

When it's the data that matters, accuracy matters.

This sensor is hardwired, with dynamic area coverage and seamless data stitching that paints a detailed picture.

Understand how the workspace is actually being used so you can decide how best it can be used.

Software-Agnostic & Future-Ready: We plan for tomorrow.

Quality matters. Granularity matters. Breadth of application matters.

Tomorrow’s software may change but the data it uses won’t.


“We’ve been working with PointGrab for many years and across multiple successful deployment. We’ve always found their sensors easy to install and providing fast time to value with workspace usage data through our GemEx engine and user interface“

Paul Johns, Managing Director


"With more than six years of collaboration and thousands of PointGrab sensors installed at our customers, I can from experience say that we have found a trustworthy sensor partner in PointGrab."

Jasper Schuurmans, CTO


"PointGrab's unwavering commitment to our success is evident. Their continued service and support throughout the implementation process made our transition to a smart campus significantly easier for our team."

Assaf Yerushalmi, Security LSS & Smart Technical Manager


“PointGrab’s hardware is accurate, flexible, and simple to both deploy and redeploy, making them a go-to provider for our customers. The team is knowledgeable and always happy to help, so they are a great partner to work with.”

Michael Grant, Co-Founder and COO


"The ease of deployment and the wide range of applications PointGrab sensors offer have been instrumental in the success of our past projects. We're confident that with Anders+Kern's distribution network, even more businesses can now experience the benefits of seamless deployment and the proven results of their great technology."

Barrie Meehan, Managing Director

Privacy is imperative.

For you, for your employees, and for regulators.

We don’t take chances when it comes to annonymity, security, and safety. The PointGrab System never collects or shares personal information, maintains an encrypted data upload and ensures user privacy. No matter who is in the building.

By following the top Information Security standards, successfully passing third-party penetration tests and designing with GDPR compliance built in, maintaining trust is non-negotiable.

Whatever your needs are today.
Whatever your needs may be tomorrow.

Invest in one Sensing Data System and be ready for whatever.


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