PointGrab is pioneering the next generation of office workspace optimization solutions. Founded by pioneers in ultra-precise computer vision technologies, PointGrab applies its superior deep-learning technology to the smart buildings ecosystem, where opportunities to gather information are abundant, but efficient, real-time analytics and anonymous data are lacking.

Our flagship product is a highly advanced facility management sensing solution that provides insight into occupant behavior and space utilization.

With nearly 30 million installations of PointGrab Human-Machine Interface (HMI) software in today’s consumer electronics devices, the company has proven its ability to identify and deliver effective sensing solutions on a large scale.

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Doron Shachar (LL.M., MBA), With over 20 years experience in Financial and Operational Management roles. Prior to joining PointGrab, Doron was Global Director of Finance and Procurement for Liveperson inc, and earlier was Head of Global Real Estate, Facilities and Procurement for Check Point SW Technologies. Doron is a proud father of 3 and a Marathon runner.

Doron Shachar

Chief Executive Officer

Ori Licht (MBA) has over 15 years of experience as a CFO and other finance-related roles. Prior to Joining Pointgrab, Ori was IBC’s CFO for almost 6 Years. During his tenure Ori was in charge of raising NIS 900 million over 3 financial rounds, increased ARR tenfold while significantly reduce CAC.

Before joining IBC, Ori was the head of the research department at one of Israel's largest investment houses. Ori holds a BA in economics (with honors) and an MBA (EMBA Program) from Tel Aviv University.

Ori Licht

Chief Financial Officer

Igal Kaplan (B.Sc.), Has over 20 years of experience in IT including n-tier application design, architecture, development, and technology leadership. Prior to PointGrab, Igal served as the R&D Group Manager at Siemens, where he and his teams have established and developed an IoT Industrial 4.0 software and hardware solution. He holds B.Sc in Computer Science and BA in Economics from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Igal Kaplan

Vice President Research & Development

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Mar 8th, 2022

PointGrab CEO Doron Shachar: AI-Powered Smart Buildings and Effective Building-Management Systems

PointGrab CEO Doron Shachar: AI-Powered Smart Buildings and Effective Building-Management Systems

How was the idea of PointGrab born? How would you describe its ultimate mission?

PointGrab started off with totally different technology. In 2015, the Company decided to make a pivotal change from gesture control technology to smart sensing, making some use of the original algorithm yet developing a brand new product that was aimed to assist tenants – companies and people – in making better use of their real estate, through capturing the count of the location of people in any given space at any given time while strictly protecting people’s privacy. Our ultimate mission is to allow organizations to manage the human flow in their buildings while protecting the privacy of the people.

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Dec 22nd, 2021

Is there a “One Stop Shop” solution that can help your Back to Office Strategy?

Workplace occupancy sensors are the easiest and most cost-effective solution for safe back to office strategy.

Organizations and Professionals around the world are getting restless after months of working remotely. Managers want to interact with their teams in a traditional office setting, but also do not want to put the employees at risk. Offices will reopen, even if it is too early to determine if this is going to be for all employees on all days of the week.

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Facility managers have their hands full managing an entire office building so its understandable that mistakes can be made. Each facility manager has their own method of monitoring and managing the property. However, it seems that something as important as using data to measure office space usage is neglected.

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Covid-19 made most of the office buildings around us stand tall and empty for months. New social distancing regulations forced us to be more conscious of our personal and public space. There are many speculations about the future and possible transformation of our workspace but even if opinions vary, numbers are showing that office space is not going anywhere.

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