PointGrab™ is shaping the future of building automation and facility management by embedding state-of-the-art computer vision into IoT devices to support powerful edge analytics. The advanced technology underlying CogniPoint™ embedded-analytics sensors introduces an innovative fusion of proprietary deep-learning and object-tracking algorithms optimized for low-power ARM processors.

Leveraging our years of experience and expertise in developing commercial computer vision products, we have developed a comprehensive solution using robust background modeling, novelty detection, motion estimation and non-rigid object detection, coupled with proprietary machine-learning classifiers and training pipelines, all optimized for real-time applications.

The immediate results of this groundbreaking technology are significant, including highly accurate detection levels, ease of scalability, adaptability to future enhancements and the ability to use low-cost processors.

Please refer to our white paper “Smart Sensors: How Deep Learning is Transforming Building Automation