Commercial Real Estate and the Future of Office Space

Millions of people around the world have been asking themselves about the future of office space since March of last year. When there’s so much vagueness in the air, fear increases dramatically. But there’s a magnificent opportunity when everyone else is scrambling for answers. Instead of the doom and gloom, I say –  deliver a solution. Commercial real estate developers and architects, the core planners of the buildings of the future, must find a way to help. Millions of employees and organizations rely on your wits, knowledge, and technology to find a way to create a resemblance of normality.

The need for a solution that lets businesses react instantly and with unwavering confidence should be a priority. Let’s face it, after everything we’ve been through, the office of the future will be hybrid.

The Challenge

Today, when we think of office space, the first thought that comes to mind is exposure. The danger of being around a lot of people in enclosed places, not keeping distance, not wearing masks, endangering our lives and the lives of our loved ones. This switch happened quickly once the pandemic entered our lives. These dangers are combined with organizations needing employees to return to the office and employees wanting to return to work. So what can be done? Formulate a safe plan that will bring back the good old days so many people are waiting for.

Employees rely on management to create a safe environment. Office workers are looking up to you to enable the safe return to the office. The original prognosis for last March and April showed employees are happy to work from home, but May and June already showed signs of burnout and fatigue. Overworking your workers is not a good long term tactic.

What if we could transform commercial real estate buildings quickly so organizations can save money instead of losing money on unused office space and productivity?

The need to adapt to unexpected changes must become a priority for real estate developers and architects; it’s time to evolve.

One of the most important lessons we must take from the pandemic is the need for agility. Even before coronavirus days, businesses lost revenue on their commercial properties, all due to not having the data to make smart decisions.

Organization flexibility will be another benefit employees will seek. Post coronavirus job hunting will include candidates checking whether a workplace can provide financial security through flexibility in unexpected times. Not everything is bleak; there is a way to make smart moves that are not based on gut feeling and it’s through data.

The Solution; a Smart Office

Smart building technology can provide organizations with the tools to be effortlessly flexible. It’s time to lead the digital transformation and innovation of our future into our present. Real estate needs it and it needs it bad. Smart workplace sensors control real estate usage with almost no effort from the facility managers. It’s time to move away from traditional thinking and start making smart, innovative decisions.

The smart workplace sensor gathers real-time anonymous data about occupancy and density across all office spaces. Not only that, but the sensors are smart enough to measure the distance between occupants; so you can show employees you’re serious about public health and social distancing. You’ll be able to mitigate hygiene-related risks and ensure employees’ wellbeing anonymously with Pointgrab’s sensors.

The real-time accurate data the sensors collect helps companies make smart financial decisions about office space and operations so that more money can be reinvested in the organization. Technology doesn’t replace real estate brokers, it simply gives them a powerfully accurate tool they can use to do a better job.

Choose the tool, process, and results, and be the hero your company needs you to be. Don’t wait for someone to decide for you. Don’t be an early adopter, be an innovator and solve the puzzle. With just a few clicks, you can get the solution everyone else is still looking for today.

The Time

Stop your real estate from collecting dust. Make changes easily and simply. You need to have access to real-time events and building-wide reports now. It’s better if they are all located in one dashboard. Help bring employees back to the office now. It’s a great opportunity to help facility managers save and avoid costly mistakes.

This long-awaited move will raise overall employee productivity, wellness, and happiness. Many employees around the world are anxiously waiting for it. You can bring entire organizations back to their second home in as little as a week. Each sensor takes about 15 minutes to install and you get a lifetime of money-saving insights. Come on, what are you waiting for? Here’s a glimpse into how the future of office space can be like.


Uncertainty is very hard on businesses, employees, and managers. Providing an easy to install and use solution is the way to go. Organizations must be prepared for the next unexpected thing so they can make quick adjustments in a time of crisis. Utilizing the sensor technology available today puts the power to react in your hands.

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