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Nov 16th, 2016

Smart sensors: The complete version

The real breakthrough of the internet of things is the quantity and quality of actionable information that is used for creating value. This explains the crucial role of sensors in IoT: they are the gatherers and the gatekeepers of this actionable input data. Getting sensors to be truly smart, however, is not a trivial undertaking.

Smart sensors have been formally defined as follows: “A smart sensor is a device that takes input from the physical environment and uses built-in compute resources to perform predefined functions upon detection of specific input and then process data before passing it on.” While this definition is technically correct, it is rather limited; it describes only the minimal requirements for what a smart sensor can be.

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Oct 24th, 2016

Smart Building Solutions: Integration is Key

By Megan Bozman


PointGrab provides critical and actionable data about occupants’ activity in a building.

Schneider Electric is a great company to watch in the IoT and smart building space. Back in July, I wrote about a report written by the company’s, vice-president of strategy and transformation, Preeti Bajaj, “Activate to Collaborate: the evolution of the smart office.” The report addresses the intersection of sustainability, and worker comfort and productivity in smart buildings. Specifically, Ms. Bajaj wrote that as smart buildings evolve, they have the opportunity to enable more collaborative experiences, fostering human connection.

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Oct 12th, 2016

Enhanced Smart Lighting Platform

Gooee and PointGrab recently announced a technology partnership to enhance IoT-enabled smart lighting platforms for the building automation industry


Itamar Roth, Jon Couch, and Ken Sinclair

Itamar Roth, Chief Business Officer, PointGrab Itamar Roth has more than 15 years of start-up experience in the fields of business development, marketing and product management, with an in-depth focus on embedded systems and imaging solutions.

Jon Couch, VP Connected Devices, Gooee Jon is the Senior Vice President of Connected Devices and manages the design and engineering of connected interface modules, sensors and other hardware within the Gooee ecosystem. Based out of the UK, Jon works with the various Gooee teams based in Europe, Silicon Valley and the Taiwanese Science Park to engineer market leading connected devices that seamlessly integrate into the Gooee IoT stack.

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Jul 28th, 2016

Apply Deep Learning to Building-Automation IoT Sensors

Real-time systems like smart sensors in commercial buildings are taking advantage of the richer computation level of deep-learning-based technology. Jonathan Laserson, Senior Algorithm Researcher, PointGrab Electronicdesign Com Sites Electronicdesign com Files Uploads 2015 12 Pg Yt Cover Image New In building automation, sensors such as motion detectors, photocells, temperature, and CO2 and smoke detectors are used primarily for energy savings and safety. Next-generation buildings, however, are intended to be significantly more intelligent, with the capability to analyze space utilization, monitor occupants’ comfort, and generate business intelligence. read more

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