Energy Saving

High energy consumption poses a real threat for organizations with its pricey costs. Without proper analytical inspection, this high resource usage can go undetected, leading to an increase in power costs and carbon emissions.  

Conserve Energy with Data and Automation 

It’s time for companies to take control over their energy systems and look at this process as an investment worth their while. Office spaces utilize multiple energy systems to ensure employees are comfortable with heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, as well as office lighting and the usage of office equipment and systems. Maintaining and managing these energy systems can be time consuming, especially without accurate data. 

Instead of having to monitor and manage these energy systems manually, PointGrab can automatically collect real time energy and occupancy data anonymously and share this data with your 3-rd party energy automation tools. 

PointGrab has multiple benefits and essential parts, such as:

  • Collecting data and information on human activity and usage of energy systems while ensuring the privacy of employees
  • Empowering L-HVAC systems to work automatically (and without human involvement) 
  • Saving time on manually managing energy systems 
  • Saving costs on electricity and energy 
  • Calculating and regulating energy usage automatically 

With the PointGrab, gaining information on  employees and their activities within your office space and their energy consumption can be on auto-pilot. A good example would be PointGrab detecting the amount of people in an office space, which heaters or air conditioners are set on, whether there is a high amount of electricity being used in a room that isn’t filled with many inhabitants ect. 

Saving energy is not only environmentally friendly but also cost friendly, while simultaneously ensuring the comfort of employees. 

Want to Know How You Can Save Costs and Energy Significantly?

PointGrab has multiple uses for saving you costs and energy. Work life nowadays faces many issues concerning the optimization of office spaces and your real estate. PointGrab can collect data on how desk space and conference rooms are being used, and if they are being used substantially. 

Want to save time, money, and regulate energy efficiently with PointGrab? Contact us! 


Discover Uses Cases

Office Space Utilization

Using PointGrab, get an idea what areas of your offices are used and easily allocate your office space dynamically to maximize efficiency. This allows you to manage more people with ease and have less office space for more people. PointGrab customers were able to increase office occupancy by up to 30% using smart office space utilization.

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