Enhancing Employee Experience


In the modern workplace, particularly one characterized by hybrid work model, offering an appealing office experience is crucial for productivity and overall satisfaction. PointGrab’s advanced AI-based IoT sensors are instrumental in achieving this by offering real time data for employees and visitors.

Use Case KPIs

PointGrab sensors measure various parameters of occupancy, facilitating an environment that dynamically adjusts to employee presence and activities. Key benefits include:

  • PERSONALIZED COMFORT: Optimize lighting, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems to match real-time occupancy, ensuring comfortable working conditions tailored to the actual number of people in a space.
  • ENHANCED CONVENIENCE: Automatically adjust room setups based on scheduled meetings and detected occupancy, reducing the need for manual intervention and enhancing overall workflow efficiency.
  • IMPROVED SPACE UTILIZATION: Monitor and manage how different areas are used, allowing for flexible workspace arrangements that cater to current needs and preferences.

Applicability in Workspace Environments

PointGrab’s sensors can be seamlessly integrated into various areas of an office, enhancing the employee experience in several ways:

  • MEETING ROOMS AND COLLABORATION SPACES: Adjust environmental controls based on true occupancy, automatically prepare spaces for upcoming meetings, and ensure that resources like lighting are only used when necessary.
  • DESKS AND INDIVIDUAL WORK AREAS: Provide data to optimize desk and area usage, ensuring that personal workspaces are adequately conditioned and illuminated according to presence.
  • COMMON AREAS: Use occupancy data to schedule amenities and maintenance according to actual usage patterns, improving efficiency and employee satisfaction in shared spaces.

New Data Provided by PointGrab Sensors

PointGrab sensors enhance decision-making with rich data, useful for both immediate actions and long-term planning:


Provides real-time headcounts to adjust the environment dynamically, enhancing comfort and reducing waste


Analyzes movement patterns to optimize the flow within and between areas, adapting energy consumption and environmental controls accordingly


Understands usage trends over different times, aiding in operational planning and adjustments based on daily or seasonal needs


By leveraging PointGrab’s sensor data, companies can significantly enhance the employee experience, leading to a more satisfied workforce and efficient operations. This approach not only aligns with modern work trends but also supports broader organizational goals related to sustainability and operational efficiency.


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