AI on the Edge

Designed with proprietary deep learning and object-tracking algorithms that run on the device itself, our AI-packed workplace sensors provide real-time data and visibility into occupancy levels, building and space usage, environmental statuses, and more.

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Main Features

Tracking Occupancy Data

PointGrabs sensors, packed with advanced AI technology, can detect movement and the number of occupants within an office space. This highly accurate data provides useful insights all while being anonymous. The sensors have a large detection area and are programmed with predetermined areas of interest, allowing you to optimize your workspace according to how your employees use it.

Building and Space Optimization

The data collected by PointGrab’s AI-back sensors can detect what office space is being used, can provide real-time heatmaps to capture popular areas, and can capture the movement of people between areas through line cross counting. This data can tell you if there is unnecessary office space or if a space is being utilized to the fullest extent. Applying these insights can cut down on your real estate costs.

Additional Features

Environmental Status

Businesses can have a major impact on our climate because of their carbon emissions. Without accurate data on energy usage within a business, large amounts of emissions could go undetected. This is where PointGrabs AI comes in. Our sensors collect data on energy systems in use and sends this data to your 3-rd party energy automation tools, allowing you to turn L-HVAC systems on or off based on real-time usage. Monitoring and controlling HVAC systems can now be done without human involvement.

Sensor Stitching

Sensor switching can come in handy when an area of interest is placed on the border of two or more sensors. PointGrab’s sensors can detect large areas of up to 48 meters, but with sensor stitching, our sensors can be used to detect even greater areas of space, like large conference rooms. This ensures the sensors don't overlap on each other and tarnish the data. These sensors can also detect the distance between occupants in an office space, allowing you to ensure health protocols are being met.


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Discover Uses Cases

Office Space Utilization

Using PointGrab, get an idea what areas of your offices are used and easily allocate your office space dynamically to maximize efficiency. This allows you to manage more people with ease and have less office space for more people. PointGrab customers were able to increase office occupancy by up to 30% using smart office space utilization.

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