Office Space Utilization

PointGrab’s CogniPoint™ sensor collects and monitors employee movement and translates it into useable data. This type of data can make a huge impact on management decisions regarding optimal office space utilization decisions.

The new reality of office management and monitoring employee movements becomes critical information under the Covid-19 reality. PointGrab’s sensors collect and analyze real-time human occupancy and density data so you can make informed and practical decisions to manage the use of your office space efficiently.

Adapt to the new reality of office use

Covid changed the way offices function. From splitting work time between the office and at home to using more flexible office space allocation. Many companies are changing the way they use the office, creating opportunities for big savings with the support of the employees. PointGrab’s solution allows your organization to make the most of this pivotal time and take your office space use to the next level.

Make informed decisions 

CogniPoint™ data is easily integrated into occupancy analytics systems. Get insights into your occupancy data by translating anonymous employee movements into  actionable insights. 

PointGrab’s IoT building automation occupancy sensors and smart building IoT analytics provides valuable data and insights into how your building is being used.  Building automation analytics provides accurate insights for the efficient layout of the office and analyzes employee behavior while they’re in the office, allowing you to better place key office amenities. These insights and actions hugely impact employee productivity and wellbeing. In fact, most of our clients discover that 50% of their office space was left unused even during peak attendance. This data allowed our clients to maximize office occupancy and real estate value.

What is Office Space Utilization and how it binds into data

Office space utilization is all about transforming your office into an effective and better-performing workspacePointGrab sensors track (anonymous) human behavior across the office to give you valuable insights based on needs. Are all your desks occupied 100% of the time? (Hint: probably not). Do you think you need more meeting rooms? Maybe you’ll discover more collaboration spaces are the missing piece. Office space utilization data can give you an unbiased answer. Monitoring and optimizing office space utilization has been proven to boost employee productivity and business profit. Unlock this valuable data with Office Space Utilization Data from PointGrab’s sensors today!

Discover Uses Cases

Office Space Utilization

Using PointGrab, get an idea what areas of your offices are used and easily allocate your office space dynamically to maximize efficiency. This allows you to manage more people with ease and have less office space for more people. PointGrab customers were able to increase office occupancy by up to 30% using smart office space utilization.

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