Line Cross Counting

Keeping track of your employees and the amount of occupants within office spaces is vital for workspace optimization but can be challenging and even impossible to do without imaginary borders. This is where line cross counting comes in.  

It’s essential for assessing workspace capacity and space analysis. PointGrab’s sensors detect movement from two opposite directions over a virtual line.

Keep Track of Occupancy Data 

There are multiple use cases for line cross counting and PointGrab can provide and process occupancy data that is anonymous and highly accurate. When collecting data, PointGrab has great detection over large areas and spaces that can go up to 48 square meters. Not only can it cover a large area but it also uses sensor stitching and can be very useful when wanting to collect data in large conference rooms or spaces. PointGrab is also easily able to detect the occupancy of employees within rooms and can count the occupancy of each room separately. 

With that being said, having to monitor employee movement manually is insufficient and with COVID-19, companies and organizations have to face the new challenge of keeping room capacities in check with respect to COVID-19 guidelines. PointGrab can automatically collect real occupancy data anonymously and this data can be used to not only reconstruct daily work life with office space optimization but to also ensure the safety of staff and employees. 

PointGrab has multiple benefits and essential parts, such as:

  • Calculating real-time occupancy data that is highly accurate 
  • Guaranteed privacy and anonymity in regards to collected data
  • Saving time on manually monitoring employee movement
  • Ensures COVID-19 guidelines are being met within office spaces 

With all these benefits, meeting health guidelines shouldn’t have to be a challenge. PointGrab can even calculate the distance between people to ensure the protocol of keeping a distance of six feet apart is met. It can also detect whether hygiene procedures are being used in office spaces. For example PointGrab can monitor the amount of time occupants spend at hand washing stations, ensuring everyone washes for the appropriate amount of time.  

Maximizing your office space and ensuring the safety of your employees can become a reality, even during the COVID-19 crisis.

Want to Use Occupancy Data to Optimize Office Space? 

Occupancy data and information can be utilized to better your working and environment space. With PointGrab being able to calculate the amount of people within a room it could also analyze data as to what occupants in a room ulitize. This data can help you discover if there is unnecessary office space being unused which can help cut down on your real estate costs. It can also tell you how specific office equipment is being used by your employees. 

With these insights there is a guarantee for a rise in productivity within office environments and ensures that staff and employees are comfortable.

Want to save time, money, and regulate energy efficiently with PointGrab? Contact us! 

Discover Uses Cases

Office Space Utilization

Using PointGrab, get an idea what areas of your offices are used and easily allocate your office space dynamically to maximize efficiency. This allows you to manage more people with ease and have less office space for more people. PointGrab customers were able to increase office occupancy by up to 30% using smart office space utilization.

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